Sentence Examples with the word eu

Legendre a eu cela de commun avec la plupart des geometres qui l'ont precede, que ses travaux n'ont fini qu'avec sa vie.

Through their grand-daughter Marie, the countship of Eu passed by marriage to the house of Brienne, two members of which, both named Raoul, were constables of France.

EUYUK, or Evuk (the eu pronounced as in French), a small village in Asia Minor, in the Angora vilayet, 12 m.

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In 1095 the same body of barons made a second and a more formidable rising, headed by the earls of Shrewsbury, Eu and Northumberland.

The introduction of additional diacritical marks, such as - and used to express quantity, and the diaeresis, as in ai, to express consecutive vowels, which are to be pronounced separately, may prove of service, as also such letters as a, o and ii, to be pronounced as in German, and in lieu of the French ai, eu or u.

The eu and opsis forms may exhibit the remarkable phenomenon of heteroecism, i.e.

We find a 3 thus that in the eu and opsis forms the association of nuclei takes place at the base of the aecidium which produces the aecidiospores.

The insidious nature of the EU is such that the majority of British citizens do not even recognize the threat.

This group is characterized by its greatly reduced life-history as compared with that of the eu forms among the Uredineae.

La religion chretienne veut que nous le croyons ainsi, et la raison naturelle nous persuade entierement cette verite; car si nous considerons la toute puissance de Dieu, nous devons juger que tout ce qu'il a fait a eu des le commencement toute la perfection qu'il devoit avoir.