Sentence Examples with the word ethnological

The ethnological affinities of the Papuans have not been satisfactorily settled.

Abraham, Isaac), and many of the details of the narratives obviously have no natural ethnological meaning.

In the Malay Peninsula itself there is abundant evidence, ethnological and philological, of at least two distinct immigrations of people of the Malayan stock, the earlier incursions, it is probable, taking place from the eastern archipelago to the south, the later invasion spreading across the Straits of Malacca from Sumatra at a comparatively recent date.

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By his theory of the disputes between the patricians and plebeians arising from original differences of race he drew attention to the immense importance of ethnological distinctions, and contributed to the revival of these divergences as factors in modern history.

He was educated at Dublin and in Rome for the Roman Catholic priesthood; but he declined to enter the Church, and devoted himself to geographical and ethnological research (see 1.44 2; 9.9 00; 22.678).

For statistics, general description and material on administration, see Census of the Philippine Islands in 1903 (4 vols., Washington, 1905);; Pronouncing Gazetteer and Geographical Dictionary of the Philippine Islands (Washington, 1902); Ethnological Survey Publications of the.

Important evidence can thus be obtained on ethnological relations, foreign influences and the like.

The Ferry Museum, founded by Clinton P. Ferry, has interesting historical and ethnological collections.

The Peninsula is inhabited by a great variety of races, whose ethnological limits are far from corresponding with the existing political boundaries.

In this review of the inhabitants of the Pacific islands an imaginary ethnological line has been drawn round it so as to include none but the-branches of the two great divisions.