Sentence Examples with the word ethnic

Here you find articles in the encyclopedia about ethnic groups of Asia.

Thus, while the Latin church showed a marvellous receptivity for ethnic philosophy, and assimilated doctrines which it had at an earlier date declared impious, in Islam the theological system entrenched itself towards the end of the 12th century in the narrow orthodoxy of the Asharites, and reduced the votaries of Greek philosophy to silence.

Though a certain amount of Indonesian and even aboriginal Indian influence has been traced in African ethnography, the people who have produced the most serious ethnic disturbances (apart from modern Europeans) are the Arabs.

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Demeter also appears as a goddess of health, of birth and of marriage; and a certain number of political and ethnic titles is assigned to her.

It rests upon the different character of the suffixes used by particular tribes and communities to form their ethnic name.

The old name is an ethnic term, evidently to be connected with the terms Amurru and Amar, used by Assyria and Egypt respectively.

Before the study of ethnic psychology had become a science, Jellinek devoted attention to the subject.

Here you find articles in the encyclopedia about ethnic groups.

Tribes of the same ethnic stock may form a sort of federation, permanent or temporary.

Straight road to ethics lies through ethnic psychology, whose especial business it is to consider the history of custom and of ethical ideas from the psychological standpoint.