Sentence Examples with the word etched

Percussionfigures, readily made on the cleavage-faces, have rays parallel to faces of the rhombic dodecahedron; whilst figures etched with water represent the four-faced cube.

Rhyn's name was etched in the immortals' tongue across the top.

The faces are often etched or corroded.

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The latter are in fact little microscopes carrying a vernier etched on glass, in lieu of a filar micrometer.

Her cheeks burned anew as she recalled what would hereafter be etched in her mind as the kiss.

Coincidently, the starting date of our involvement is etched in my memory for an entirely different reason.

He led her to a large mossy rock that was etched with a name and date.

The name was black against a band the color of red wine, both intricate and bold, with odd characters etched into the edges of the band.

Instead of drawing these squares upon the map itself, they may be engraved or etched upon glass, or drawn upon transparent celluloid or tracing-paper.

The warrior painted the story of conflicts on his robe only in part, to help him recount the history of his life; the Eskimo etched the prompters of his legend on ivory; the Tlinkit carved them on his totem post; the women fixed them in pottery, basketry, or blankets.