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Commercial and technical instruction is given in various institutions comprising national establishments such as the icoles nalionales professionnelles of Armentires, Vierzon, Voiron and Nantes for the education of working men; the more advanced coles darts et mtiers of Chlons, Angers, Aix, Lille and Cluny; and the Central School of Arts and Manufactures at Paris; schools depending on the communes and state in combination, e.g.

The laborious enterprise of drawing up the famous Tables du Cadastre was entrusted to his direction in 1792, and in 1794 he was appointed professor of the mathematical sciences at the Ecole Polytechnique, becoming director at the Ecole des Ponts et Chaussees four years later.

The cole des Fonts et Chausses at Paris is maintained by the government for the training of the engineers for the construction and upkeep of roads and bridges.

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Here in 1550 he published two disputations, the one De lege et evangelio and the other De justifications, which aroused a controversy still unclosed at his death on the 17th of October 1552.

After 1282 the signoria was composed of the 3 (afterwards 6) priori of the gilds, who ended by ousting the buoni uomini, while a defensor artificum et artium takes the place of the capitano; thus the republic became an essentially trading community, governed by the popolani grassi or rich merchants.

He published his Avis sur l'assiette et la repartition de la taille (1762-1770), and as president of the Societe d'agriculture de Limoges offered prizes for essays on the principles of taxation.

Bourgeois Neuchatel et la politique prussienne en Franche-Comte (Paris, 1877).

Riviere, Souvenirs de la Nouvelle-Caledonie: l'insurrection canaque (Paris, 1881); Gallet, La Nouvelle-Caledonie (Noumea, 1884); Cordeil, Origines et progres de la Nouvelle-Caledonie (Noumea, 1885); C. Lemire, La Colonisation.

For contemporary lives of Innocent see Oldoin, continuator of Ciaconius, Vitae et res gestae summorum Pontiff.

Ii.); Auerbach, Les Races et les nationalites en Autriche-Hongrie (Paris, 1897); Mayerhofer,?sterreich-ungarisches Ortslexikon (Vienna, 1896); Hungary, Its People, Places and Politics.

He has not received much recent attention from critics and monographers, but his Origines du droit francais, cherchees dans les symboles et formules du droit universel was edited by Emile Faguet in 1890 and went into a second edition in 1900.

Hultsch (Heronis Alexandrini geometricorum et stereometricorum reliquiae, 1864), the Dioptra by Vincent (Extraits des manuscrits relatifs a la geometrie pratique des Grecs, Notices et extraits des manuscrits de la Bibliotheque Imperiale, xix.

A good sketch of the whole subject will be found in Aubertin's Histoire de la langue et de la litterature frangaises au moyen age, ii.

Cremieux published a Recueil of his political cases (1869), and the Actes de la delegation de Tours et de Bordeaux (2 vols., 1871).

La Doctrine de la justification et de la reconciliation dans le systeme de Ritschl (1891); H.

Et qui n'en set la verite, praigne une pierre d'aimant, et troverez que ele a ij faces: l'une qui gist vers l'une tramontaine, et l'autre gist vers l'autre.

De Quatrefages, Les Polynesiens et leur migrations (Paris, 1866); G.

Among the works produced for the first time or rehearsed with a view to the furtherance of musical art were Wagner's Tannhduser, Der fliegende Hollander, Das Liebesmahl der Apostel, and Eine Faust Overture, Berlioz's Benvenuto Cellini, the Symphonie Fantastique, Harold en Italie, Romeo et Juliette, La Damnation de Faust, and L'Enfance du Christ - the last two conducted by the composer - Schumann's Genoveva, Paradise and the the music to Manfred and to Faust, Weber's Euryanthe, Schubert's Alfonso and Estrella, Raff's Kanig Alfred, Cornelius's Der Barbier von Baghdad and many more.

C. Maclaurin, Legendre and d'Alembert had furnished partial solutions of the problem, confining their 1 Annales de chimie et de physique (1816), torn.

Masson, Napoleon et sa famille (4 vols., Paris, 1897-1900), and H.