Sentence Examples with the word estrangement

The estrangement was not of long continuance; for we find Antony meeting the dictator at Narbo the following year, and rejecting the suggestion of Trebonius that he should join in the conspiracy that was already on foot.

His marriage in 1721 with Miss Brydges of Wallington, Surrey, led to an estrangement from his father, a person of somewhat morose temper, which terminated in 1723 after the death of the lady in giving birth to a son.

Ethical endeavour consists in the repudiation of the sensible; material existence is itself estrangement from God.

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In Italy a decline in the knowledge of Greek in the 5th and 6th centuries led to an estrangement between the Greek and Latin Churches.

For some mysterious reason, probably connected with the increasing estrangement between the two sections of the empire, the ministers of Arcadius conferred upon Alaric the government of some part - it can hardly have been the whole - of the important prefecture of Illyricum.

The marriage, only accepted by Wilhelmina under threats from her father and with a view to lightening her brother's disgrace, proved at the outset a happy one, though it was clouded at first by narrow means, and afterwards by the infidelities of the future margrave with Dorothea von Marwitz, whose ascendancy at the court of Baireuth was bitterly resented by Frederick the Great, and caused an estrangement of some three years between Wilhelmina and the brother she so devotedly loved.

A violent article, in which he demanded the annexation of Hanover and Saxony, and attacked with great bitterness the Saxon royal house, led to an estrangement from his father, who enjoyed the warm friendship of the king.

At the same time he was no longer on the former friendly terms with Essex, a certain estrangement 1 Spedding, Letters and Life, i.

Besides a feeling of aloofness from everybody Natasha was feeling a special estrangement from the members of her own family.

The failure of the ministry, and the estrangement between King William and the Liberal party, opened to him the way to power.