Sentence Examples with the word estranged

He was eventually estranged from Hume, and defended James Beattie's attack on that philosopher.

He took part in the war against the Hussites, but became estranged from Sigismund when in 1423 the king invested Frederick of Wettin, margrave of Meissen, with the vacant electoral duchy of Saxe-Wittenberg.

In 1440 the whole of Bavaria-Munich came to Ernest's son Albert, who had been estranged from his father owing to his union with the unfortunate Agnes Bernauer.

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Then Margaret of Burgundy received him as her nephew, and Maximilian, now estranged from Henry, recognized him as king of England.

David's sons were estranged from one another, and acquired all the vices of Oriental princes.

For him there is only the One Absolute Being, the one reality that is all in all; whilst all the phenomenal existences and occurrences that crowd upon our senses are nothing more than an illusion of the individual soul estranged for a time from its divine source - an illusion only to be dispelled in the end by the soul's fuller knowledge of its own true nature and its being one with the eternal fountain of blissful being.

Land grant given by the Spanish viceroy to Stephen Q Austin in 1820, and had been estranged from Mexico partly by the abolition of slavery under a decree of President Guerrero, and partly by the prospect of the Centralist constitution of 1836.

He himself was too much like a dictator; even his own followers complained that he was over-masterful, and the most important of them, the young earl of Gloucester, was gradually estranged from him by finding his requests often refused and his aims crossed by the old earls action.

He gradually became estranged from Napoleon, and although he followed.

It was just at the time when he had estranged John of Bohemia that the pope made his decisive move.