Sentence Examples with the word estimable

The most notable and estimable feature of his political conduct was his relation to Queen Victoria, whom he initiated into the duties of sovereign with the most delicate tact and the most paternal and conscientious care.

Pp. 445-474), being that, it is true, of an estimable zoologist, but of one who had no special knowledge of ornithology.

In character he was as estimable as he was brilliant in intellect.

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Conrad possessed military talents, and had many estimable qualities, but he lacked perseverance and foresight, and was hampered by his obligations to the church.

SaintSimon is described as the most estimable and lovable of men, and the most delightful in his relations; he is the worthiest of philosophers.

But above all, she is a handsome, estimable girl, and she loves me...

Here the opposition between the good spirit of light and the demons of evilbetween Ormuzd and Ahrimans till remained the principal dogma of the creed; while all other gods and angels, however estimable their aid, were but subordinate servants of Ormuzd, whose highest manifestation on earth was not the sun-god Mithras, but the holy fire guarded by his priests.

A proneness to gambling and opium-smoking, and a tinge of vanity and deceitfulness, are their less estimable traits.

He is a most estimable man.