Sentence Examples with the word esteem

Yet we esteem ourselves wise, and have an established order on the surface.

This large number is partly accounted for by the diligent search in all countries that has been made for these plants for purposes of cultivation - they being held at present in the greatest esteem by plantlovers, and prices being paid for new or rare varieties which recall the days of the tulipomania.

Though not a great monarch, King Humbert had, by his unfailing generosity and personal courage, won the esteem and affection of his people.

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Flechier, by his leniency and tact, succeeded in bringing over some of them to his views, and even gained the esteem of those who declined to change their faith.

An epidemic of cholera in the summer of 1883 gave the British officers their first chance of acquiring the esteem and confidence of their men, and the opportunity was nobly utilized.

I, the other included in the Catalepton, the collection of small poems attributed to Virgil) indicate the esteem in which he was held.

He bore with calmness the storm of reproach from his party associates which followed, and lived to regain the esteem of those who had attacked him.

He afterwards won the esteem of Conrad to such an extent that in 918 the king advised the nobles to make the Saxon duke his successor.

In 1509 he went with Cardinal Christopher Bainbridge, archbishop of York, to Rome, where he won the esteem of Pope Leo X., who advised Henry VIII.

As a senator he stood in the front rank in a body distinguished for ability; his purity of character and courteous manner, together with his intellectual gifts, won him the esteem of all parties; and he became more and more the leader of the Southern Democrats.