Sentence Examples with the word esplanade

A wall and esplanade extend along the bottom of the cliffs, and there is a fine stretch of sandy beach.

Ath is famous for its gild of archers, whose butts are erected on the plain of the Esplanade in the centre of the town.

On the esplanade in front of Macduff Castle, still called the Playfield, took place in 1552 one of the first recorded performances of Sir David Lindsay's Ane Satyre of the Three Estaits (1540); his Tragedy of the Cardinal (1547), referring to the murder of Beaton, being also performed there.

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An esplanade about 1 m.

Docks, wharves, piers, curing stations and warehouses have been provided or enlarged to cope with the growth of the trade, and an esplanade has been constructed along the front.

An esplanade is built along the sea-wall, and the town possesses golf links and other recreation grounds.

Here are the barracks, officers' quarters, railway works, and an esplanade along the river front.

The esplanade and the public park are finely laid out; and portions of the sea are fenced in to protect bathers.

The esplanade and sea-wall front the North Sea, and there is a fine expanse of sand affording good bathing.

Near the principal entrance to the esplanade stands Argyll's Lodging, erected about 1630 by the 1st earl of Stirling.