Sentence Examples with the word eschatological

In this form it is in great part present in the eschatological portions of the Adv.

Continuously Historical, Eschatological 4 and Symbolical Methods.

The ideas of this passage belong to the eschatological outlook of later centuries, but afford no data for chronology.

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Of these (3) and (4) are of marked eschatological character, and show little contact with definite historical events ' Driver, op. cit., p. 229, who also refers to the differences of Messianic outlook, and the substitution of an atmosphere of war for one of peace.

In the post-exilic period the historical meaning of the passage was forgotten, and a new significance was given to it in accordance with the gradually developing eschatological doctrine.

The most remarkable part of the book is the eschatological picture with which it closes; and the way in which the plague of locusts appears to be taken as foreshadowing the final judgment - the great day or assize of Yahweh, in which Israel's enemies are destroyed - is so unique as greatly to complicate the exegetical problem.

The presence and power of His Spirit, the spread of His Gospel, the progress of His kingdom have been as much a fulfilment of the eschatological teaching of the New Testament as His life and work on earth were a fulfilment of Messianic prophecy, for fulfilment always transcends prophecy.

He was called there to combat the unitarian christology of Beryllus, bishop of Bostra, and to clear up certain eschatological questions.

When i Corinthians was written, the attitude of the Church was still strongly eschatological (r Cor.

But, as the fatal struggle with Rome became more and more imminent, the eschatological hopes which increasingly absorbed the Hebrew mind all group themselves round the person of the Messiah.