Sentence Examples with the word erotic

A new light has been thrown on the 7raparcXauviOupov of the Curculio .047-155) by the discovery of the Alexandrian erotic fragment published by Grenfell and Hunt (Oxford, 1896).

Jessi's mouth was agape at the erotic poses Laurencio called for them to do.

P. Grenfell, An Alexandrian erotic Fragment and other Papyri, 1896, pp. 13-17: for the Syriac, Wright, Contributions to Apocryphal Literature of the N.T., 1865, pp. 3-7; A.

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She shivered at the erotic touch of their bodies.

Yet, for the most part, they either relate to objects thoroughly incapable of poetic treatment, where the writer's endeavour is rather to expound the matter fully than to render it poetically beautiful, or else expend themselves on short isolated subjects, generally myths, and are erotic in character.

To a certain extent this is indeed the case; but though Vaishnavism, and especially the Krishna creed, with its luxuriant growth of erotic legends, might have seemed peculiarly favourable to a development in this direction, it is practically only in connexion with the Saiva system that an independent cult of the female principle has been developed; whilst in other sects - and, indeed, in the ordinary Saiva cult as well - such worship, even where it is at all prominent, is combined with, and subordinated to, that of the male principle.

The erotic visions in her head made heat bloom in her lower belly and the fire of desire spread in her blood.

In her erotic thoughts about him, the actual act of undressing had never crossed her mind.

Boucher speedily realized that his own erotic style did not suit the lad's genius, and recommended him to J.

He is also said to have been a writer of erotic poems. It is as a jurist, however, that Sulpicius was chiefly distinguished.