Sentence Examples with the word equip

In city districts the modern practice is to restrict the number to four stations per line, and to equip the exchanges and stations for selective ringing.

I shall not be able to equip him.

Unfortunately all the warnings and admonitions of the pope fell on deaf ears, though he himself parted with his mitre and plate in order to equip a fleet against the Turks.

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In order that international arbitration may do its perfect work, it is not enough to set up a standing tribunal, whether at the Hague or elsewhere, and to equip it with elaborate rules of procedure.

Before the outbreak of the War of Greek Independence in 1821 he had already expended much time and energy in organizing a fleet and in training, under the supervision of French instructors, native officers and artificers; though it was not till 1829 that the opening of a dockyard and arsenal at Alexandria enabled him to build and equip his own vessels.

As a member of the Delian League it had regained its prosperity, being able to equip a fleet of 50 or 60 sail.

Night and day he laboured to levy armies and equip fleets.

But Richard had grown dissatisfied with him, for the carucage had not been a success, and Hubert had failed to overcome the resistance of the Great Council when its members refused to equip a force of knights to serve abroad.

In 1453 a crusading bull was issued imposing a tenth on all benefices of the earth to equip an expedition against the infidel.

The British Admiralty employ it to save weight in the Navy, and the war-offices of the European powers equip their soldiers with it wherever possible.