Sentence Examples with the word equinox

Five Centuries After The Time Of Bede, The Divergence Of The True Equinox From The 21St Of March, Which Now Amounted To Seven Or Eight Days, Was Pointed Out By Johannes De Sacro Bosco (John Holywood, Fl.

The fables of the phoenix and of the conduct of the wild ass and the ape at the time of the equinox owe their origin to astronomical symbols belonging to the.

Instead, However, Of Employing The Golden Numbers And Epacts For The Determination Of Easter And The Movable Feasts, It Was Resolved That The Equinox And The Paschal Moon Should Be Found By Astronomical Computation From The Rudolphine Tables.

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This diminution of pressure, which continues as the heat increases till it reaches its maximum in July soon after the solstice, is followed by the corresponding development of the south-west monsoon; and as the barometric pressure is gradually restored, and becomes equalized within the tropics soon after the equinox in October, with the general fall of temperature north of the equator, the south-west winds fall off, and are succeeded by a north-east monsoon, which is developed during the winter months by the relatively greater atmospheric pressure which then occurs over Asia, as compared with the equatorial region.

In The Course Of A Few Centuries, However, The Equinox Sensibly Retrograded Towards The Beginning Of The Year.

In The Calendar, For Example, Which Was Attempted To Be Introduced In France In 1 793, The Beginning Of The Year Was Fixed At Midnight Preceding The Day In Which The True Autumnal Equinox Falls.

If the Paschal full moon was, as in later Christian times, the first after the spring equinox, the difficulty would be reduced to the question on what day the equinox was reckoned.

In Order To Restore The Vernal Equinox To The 25Th Of March, The Place It Occupied In The Time Of Numa, He Ordered Two Extraordinary Months To Be Inserted Between November And December In The Current Year, The First To Consist Of Thirty Three, And The Second Of Thirty Four Days.

By This Regulation The Vernal Equinox Which Then Happened On The 11Th Of March Was Restored To The 21St.

RIGHT ASCENSION, in astronomy, that co-ordinate of a heavenly body defined by the angle which the meridian passing through it makes with the prime meridian through the vertical equinox (see Astronomy).