Sentence Examples with the word equability

Owing to the beauty of its site and the equability of its climate, and to its being screened by lofty hills on the north, east and west, and open to the sea-breezes of the south, it has a high reputation as a winter residence.

This equability of temperature is partly caused by the very heavy rainfall precipitated on Portugal as one of the westernmost countries of Europe and the one most exposed to the Atlantic. The rainfall has been as heavy as 16 ft.

The climate of Cuba is tropical and distinctively insular in characteristics of humidity, equability and high mean temperature.

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The equability of heat throughout the day is masked and relieved by the afternoon sea breezes.

A fine climate and equability of temperature are not universal in Portugal; they are to be enjoyed mainly in Beira and Estremadura, especially at Cintra and Coimbra, and in the northern provinces.

The equability of the temperature also decreases appreciably from the sea-coast to the interior.