Sentence Examples with the word epos

PENTELICUS (BpAno-o-Os, or Iievtexlkov Epos from the deme IIEVTEXq; mod.

His mythological or pastoral dramas, his great satiric epos of Adam Homo (1841-1848), his comedies, his lyrics, and above all his noble philosophic tragedy of Kalanus, prove the immense breadth of his compass, and the inexhaustible riches of his imagination.

In Walachia .a certain Ion Budai Deleanu, a man of great learning, author of a hitherto unpublished Rumanian dictionary of great value, wrote a satirical epos in which gipsies play the chief part.

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The views of Karl Mallenhoff, which, though no longer tenable as a whole, have formed the basis of most of the subsequent criticism, may be best studied in his posthumous work, Beovulf, Untersuchungen fiber das angelsachsische Epos (1889).

It was not until, in 1835, the national epos of Finland, the Kalewala (q.v.), was introduced to readers by the exertions of Elias Lonnrot, that the Finnish language was used for literary composition.

Other features are borrowed by the Mandaean mythology under this head from the well-known epos of Istar's descensus ad inferos.

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