Sentence Examples with the word eponymous

By the eponymous nymph Aricia, Virbius had a son of the same name, who fought on the side of the Rutulian Turnus against Aeneas.

Its eponymous hero, Decelus, was said to have indicated to the Tyndaridae, Castor and Pollux, the place where Theseus had hidden their sister Helen at Aphidnae; and hence there was a traditional friendship between the Deceleans and the Spartans (Herodotus ix.

Pusey is chiefly remembered as the eponymous representative of the earlier phase of a movement which carried with it no small part of the religious life of England in the latter half of the 19th century.

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LATINUS, in Roman legend, king of the aborigines in Latium, and eponymous hero of the Latin race.

Telephus, was priestess of Athena Alea at Tegea, and daughter of Aleus; fleeing from Tegea, she became the wife of Teuthras, the eponymous king of Teuthrania, and her son Telephus succeeded him.

The patriarch receives confirmation from Rome, and the political representation of the Maronites at Constantinople is in the hands of the vicar apostolic. Rome has incorporated most of the Maronite saints in her calendar, while refusing (despite their apologists) to canonize either of the reputed eponymous founders of Maronism.

According to one story she was the daughter of HOlgi, the eponymous king of Halogaland (northern Norway); according to another she was the wife of HOlgi and daughter of Gusi, king of the Fins.

The 56 volumes published by the Parker Society include only one by its eponymous hero, and that is a volume of correspondence.

Medus was regarded as the eponymous hero and progenitor of the Medes.

The name of their eponymous goddess Brigantia is found on inscriptions (Corp. Inscr.