Sentence Examples with the word epithet

Other examples in which buff or rust-colour predominates have also been deemed distinct, and to those has been applied the epithet russata.

The ancient Asculum was the capital of Picenum, and it 1 The epithet distinguishes it from Ascoli Satriano (anc. Ausculum), which lies m.

The epithet is applied to Zeus and the Erinyes as the deities of revenge and punishment.

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The name of the city or tribe which it gives us is touta marouca, and it mentions also a citadel with the epithet tarincris.

He chose the epithet Arya as being more dignified than the slightly contemptuous term Hindu.

Zeus took him up, enclosed him within his own thigh till he came to maturity, and then brought him to the light, so that he was twice born; it was to celebrate this double birth that the dithyrambus (also used as an epithet of the god) was sung (see Etym.

But if the epithet is intended to designate an animal that takes an interest in its rider so far as a beast can, that in some way understands his intentions, or shares them in a subordinate fashion, that obeys from a sort of submissive or halffellow-feeling' with his master, like the horse or elephant, then I say that the camel is by no means docile - very much the contrary.

In other writers the word is a mere epithet of Apollo in his capacity as a god of healing (cf.

Within Sanskrit itself probably two words have to be distinguished: (1) drya, the origin of Aryan, from which the usual term arya is a derivative; (2) arya, which frequently appears in the Rig Veda as an epithet of deities.

The most notable of these battles, whereby he won his honorific epithet of Nevsky (i.e.