Sentence Examples with the word ephod

In the days of Saul and David) it was the priest with the ephod or image of Yahweh who gave answers to those who consulted him.

It was certainly used in divination and presumably did not differ radically from the ephod of the post-exilic age.

The present passage is the only one which appears to prove that the ephod was an image, and several writers, including Lotz (Realencyk.

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For the prophet's function became in an increasing degree a function of mind, and not merely of traditional routine or mechanical technique, like that of the diviner with his arrows or his lots which he cast in the presence of the ephod or plated Yahweh image.

The favourite view that the ephod was also an image rests partly upon 1 Sam.

Of Dillmann's commentary on Ex.-Lev.) leaves it uncertain whether it covered the back, encircling the body like a kind of waistcoat, or only the front; at all events it was not a garment in the ordinary sense, and its association with the sacred lots indicates that the ephod was used for divination (cf.

In the post-exilic priestly writings (5th century B.C. and later) the ephod forms part of the gorgeous ceremonial dress of the high-priest (see Ex.

This same narrative dwells upon the graven images, ephod and teraphim, as forming the apparatus of religious ceremonial in Micah's household.

No mention is made of their use in the historical books after the time of David and Solomon, though it is probable that such use is implied in passages where the ephod is mentioned (e.g.

If the ephod was a loin-cloth, its use as a receptacle and the known evolution of the article find useful analogies (Foote, p. 43 sq., and Ency.