Sentence Examples with the word ephemeris

Dessau, in Ephemeris epigraphica, iii.

A certain Lucius Septimius brought out Dictys Cretensis Ephemeris belli Trojani, which p rofessed to be a Latin translation of the Greek version.

From the resulting elements of the orbit the positions of the body from day to day may be computed and tabulated in an ephemeris for the use of observers.

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A valuable summary of a considerable part of this work, containing an account of the methods adopted, the materials employed, and the resulting values of the various quantities involved, was published in 1895, as a supplement to the American Ephemeris for 1897, entitled The Elements of the Four Inner Planets and the Fundamental Constants of Astronomy.

This erroneous estimate was formed when he had seen the Descriptio but had not read it; and his opinion was very different when he became acquainted with the nature of logarithms. The dedication of his Ephemeris for 1620 consists of a letter to Napier dated the 28th of July 1619, and he there congratulates him warmly on his invention and on the benefit he has conferred upon astronomy generally and upon Kepler's own Rudolphine tables.

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Different views with regard to some of these symbols are expressed by Lidzbarski, Ephemeris far semitische Epigraphik, ii.

In the Astronomical Papers of the American Ephemeris will be found a large number of contributions from Newcomb's pen on some fundamental and most important questions of astronomy.

Wilmanns, in Ephemeris epigraphica (1872), vol.

Possibly the Latin Ephemeris was the work of Septimius himself.