Sentence Examples with the word ephemeral

Almost the first acts of Bolingbroke's ephemeral premiership were to order him a thousand pounds from the exchequer and despatch him the most flattering invitations.

He led an ephemeral electronic existence.

Such a revolutionary foundation might be good enough for the ephemeral empires of France; the appeal of Prussia should be to the God of battles alone.

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Or a Nicholas I III., the brevity of their pontificates prevented any one of these ephemeral sovereigns from being a great pope.

The civic reaction was an example of the ephemeral nature of the public's interest.

The set was perfect while it lasted but was rather ephemeral because of my lack of permanence.

But apart from these polemical writings, many of which had only an ephemeral value, the Renaissance was the source of another stream of historical literature.

In many of these bolsons are ephemeral lakes, in which the waters collect during the rainy season and stand for several months.

Moreover, in the fascinating collection of popular satires and ephemeral pamphlets made by Schade, one is constantly impressed with the absence of religious fervour, and the highly secular nature of the matters discussed.

His genius and character were superficial; his abilities were exercised upon ephemeral objects, and not inspired by lasting or universal ideas.