Sentence Examples with the word entranced

Yully closed her eyes, entranced by the sensations.

The kids seemed entranced by her pink hair.

It is the prose epic of feudalism, and its romantic spirit, its high ideals, its fantastic gallantry, its ingenious adventures, its mechanism of symbolic wonders, and its flowing style have entranced readers of such various types as Francis I.

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At length, others of the servants heard him, and were entranced by his wonderful song.

Deidre found herself leaning into his solid frame without resistance, entranced by the combination of his hot, hard body and cool fire on her swimming senses.

On her walks at Lover's Lane near Evelyn's row house, she'd often seen couples entranced by the rhythmic movement of waves stand at a railing, the man's arms wrapped around the woman in front of him, his chin on her head.

She watched it for a few seconds, entranced by the movement.