Sentence Examples with the word entomology

His only unfortunate contribution to entomology - indeed to zoology generally - was his theory of pre-formation, which taught the presence within the egg of a perfectly formed but miniature adult.

Packard, Text-book of Entomology (London, 1898); V.

Of special importance in the history of systematic entomology was the scheme of F.

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After the publication of C. Darwin's Origin of Species (1859) a fresh impetus was given to entomology as to all branches of zoology, and it became generally recognized that insects form a group convenient and hopeful for the elucidation of certain problems of animal evolution.

Societies for the discussion and publication of papers on entomology were naturally established as the number of students increased.

The foundations of modern entomology were laid by a series of wonderful memoirs on anatomy and development published in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Howard (Circular 77 of the Bureau of Entomology U.S. Dept.

Bennett; the department of entomology under Prof. H.

The term labrum is used in zoology, of a lip or lip-like part; in entomology it is applied specifically to the upper lip of an insect, the lower lip being termed labium.

Folsom, Entomology (New York and London, 1906); A.