Sentence Examples with the word enthralled

With the old national Church enthralled by English political prelates, and consequently hindered from ministering to the special needs of the people, the progress of dissent throughout the Principality was naturally rapid.

Howie, according to his morning coffee verbal sermons was enthralled with his property, especially his inherited garden, started by the previous tenant and lovingly cared for by him.

She shuddered, enthralled by the sensations running through her.

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The displays of fruit and vegetables, homemade food, crafts, and other items soon enthralled her.

Effie stood in the middle of the room, as if enthralled and after all the smiles and appropriate handshakes, took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

Betsy was enthralled with the area and became an immediate student of the history.

It was not in their external conditions, suffering as they were from invasions, enthralled by despots, to use the Reformation as a lever for political revolution.

I couldn't read if they were enthralled or dismissive of the prospect.

They were driving on Main Street when they spotted Fred O'Connor sauntering down from the courthouse chatting with two ladies who looked enthralled by his company.

Molly remained enthralled with the baby and paid no attention to what the rest of us were doing.