Sentence Examples with the word entertained

While the band was on break, Eduardo entertained them with some Spanish guitar.

Other celebrities who figure in the Lettres under a transparent disguise are Liszt and Mme d'Agoult (known to literature as Daniel Stern), whom she met in Switzerland and entertained for some months at Nohant.

Fines were laid upon ..all who entertained these people or were present at their meetings.

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He encouraged the Teutonic Order to rebel against Poland; he entertained at his court antiPolish embassies from Moscow; he encouraged the Tatars to ravage Lithuania; he thwarted Casimir's policy in Moldavia.

Felipa bought Jonathan and Destiny something inexpensive to keep them entertained and then fed them all lunch in the mall.

It is at this period that Ranke believes Maximilian to have entertained the idea of a universal monarchy; but whatever hopes he may have had were shattered by the death of his son Philip and the rupture of the treaty of Blois.

In Petersburg they were provincials, and the very people they had entertained in Moscow without inquiring to what set they belonged, here looked down on them.

Felipa entertained the guests in the morning and Carmen joined them after lunch.

I haven't been so entertained in years.

Addresses were presented to him at Southampton, Birmingham and other towns; he was officially entertained by the lord mayor of London; at each place he pleaded the cause of his unhappy country.