Sentence Examples with the word entangle

There was a circumstance which at first sight seemed to entangle his delirious but still methodical scheme.

Smouldering fires of his old energy flamed out once more and Napoleon began a rapid pursuit of the cavalry screen, which crumpled up and decamped as he advanced, yet all his efforts were powerless to entangle the Anglo-Dutch rearguard to such an extent that Wellington must turn back to its assistance.

The irish lords were pardoned on renewing their- oaths of fealty; the king did not wish to entangle himself in costly campaigns beyond St Georges Channel till he had made his position in England more stable.

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Hoche crushed the insurrection of the Chouans and the Bretons at Quiberon on the 2nd of July 1795, and Pichegru, scared, refused to entangle himself any further.

The scums separated from the juice by ordinary defecation entangle and carry away with them a certain amount of the juice with its contained saccharine.

Even if these new states turn out not to be peaceful, their size probably will mean the conflict is limited, and the decline in military alliances means the conflict is less likely to entangle others and escalate.

The inquiry is, therefore, logical or transcendental in its nature, and does not entangle us in any decision as to the conditions of the genesis of such consciousness in the individual.

Refusing to entangle himself in the abortive and equivocal schemes of Lepidus to subvert the Sullan constitution, Caesar took up the only instrument of political warfare left to the opposition by prosecuting two senatorial governors, Cn.

In consequence the special sciences and the wisdom of common life entangle themselves easily and frequently in contradictions.

But the universal spider as he called Louis XI.was weaving his web in the darkness, and was eventually to entangle him in it.