Sentence Examples with the word ensure

Leo at once formed a new league with the emperor and the king of Spain, and to ensure English support made Wolsey a cardinal.

I was trying to figure out what was there, not to remove it, but to ensure no one else could either.

This refusal was twice repeated in September and October, the court hoping to obtain evidence sufficient to ensure his ruin.

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Nevertheless, during its first period (1882-1887) the triple alliance failed to ensure cordiality between the contracting Powers.

I've checked on your little human almost every day to ensure what I planned for her was not altered by Darkyn's bloodlust.

Italian charity legislation was reformed by the laws of 1862 and 1890, which attempted to provide efficacious protection for endowments, and to ensure the application of the ir.come to the purposes for which it was intended.

In its revolution one of its cams engages with the correcting wheel attached to the type-wheel in order to ensure that the latter is in the correct position for printing a complete letter; the second cam lifts the paper against the type-wheel and prints the letter; the third moves forward the paper tape one space to be ready for the printing of the next letter; and the last cam replaces the armature on the cores of the electromagnet.

Janissaries and the suppression of the quasi-indepen dent power of the derebeys had removed the worst disturbing elements; the government had been centralized; a series of enactments had endeavoured to secure economy in the administration, to curb the abuses of official power, and ensure the impartiality of justice; and the sultan had even expressed his personal belief in the principle of the equality of all, Mussulman and non-Mussulman, before the law.

The high priest's plate) find analogies in the means taken elsewhere to ensure the protection of or to manifest one's adherence to a deity; the novelty lies in the part these sentences took in the religion (see Phylactery).

Under normal conditions in warm climates many of the species are perennials, but, in the United States for example, climatic conditions necessitate the plants being renewed annually, and even in the tropics it is often found advisable to treat them as annuals to ensure the production of cotton of the best quality, to facilitate cultural operations, and to keep insect and fungoid pests in check.