Sentence Examples with the word ensnare

The pasha, and through him the sultan, endeavoured on several occasions either to ensnare them or to beguile them into submission; but these efforts failing, Mahommed Khosrev took the field, and a Turkish detachment 7000 strong was despatched against them to Damanhur, whither they had descended from Upper Egypt, and was defeated by a small force under al-Alfi; or, as Mengin says, by 800 men commanded by al-BardIsI, when.

In his belief that he could ensnare the courts of London and St Petersburg into separate and proportionately disadvantageous treaties, he overreached himself.

An attempt was made to ensnare certain of the beys, who were encamped north of Cairo.

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Though his blood didn't ensnare her as Damian's did, it tasted familiar.

In defiance of promises to the British government, orders were transmitted from Constantinople to Husain Pasha, the Turkish high admiral, to ensnare and put to death the principal beys.

Her voice, so soft it skimmed his skin, threatened to ensnare him.