Sentence Examples with the word enrolment

The total enrolment is very low.

It is the seat of the Middle Georgia Military and Agricultural College, which occupies the old capitol building, and of the Georgia Normal and Industrial College for girls (1889; enrolment 1908-1909, 653), which is a part of the University of Georgia, and occupies the site of the old state penitentiary.

In 1906 it had a library of 16,50o volumes, a faculty of 19, and an enrolment of 483 (211 being women).

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Away; the enrolment was 21 in graduate classes, 372 in day school, 489 in night school and 524 in the Whittier school.

During the latter part of the 19th century a popular cult of the Maid of Orleans sprang up in France, being greatly stimulated by the clerical party, which desired to advertise, in the person of this national heroine, the intimate union between patriotism and the Catholic faith, and for this purpose ardently desired her enrolment among the Saints.

As the demands upon the services of the cavalry increased, it was decided to supplement the regulars by the enrolment of wealthy citizens who kept horses of their own.

The enrolment of the university in 1907-1908 was 636.

In1908-1909the university had an enrolment of 3611 students (2077 men and 1534 women).

In the latter year the total enrolment in public schools 'was 777,545, of whom 1 45,74 8 were negroes.

The total public school enrolment in 1909-1910 was 466,554.