Sentence Examples with the word enriched

As a rule, all the fibrous-rooted herbaceous plants flourish in good soil which has been fairly enriched with manure, that of a loamy character being the most suitable.

The decoration of the interior consists of the casing of the walls with marble with enriched borders, and (about 20 ft.

STELE, the Greek name (aT'lX1J) for a pillar or vertical slab of stone or marble, sometimes decorated with bas-reliefs and bearing inscriptions, and generally terminated with a cresting (EfriOnpa) enriched with the anthemion plant.

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In 1847 Sara Coleridge published the Biographia Literaria, enriched with annotations and biographical supplement from her own pen.

Astronomy was also enriched by his investigations, and he was led to several remarkable theorems on conics which bear his name.

Chinese potters of the Yung-lo era (1403-1414) enriched their country with a quantity of ware to which the name of total-ki (bodiless utensil) was given on account of its wonderfully attenuated pdle.

In 1367 Murad made Adrianople his capital and enriched it with various new buildings.

Hauterive was enriched for a time by his marriage with a widow, Madame de Marchais, but was ruined by the Revolution.

Are sandy or loamy, and are locally enriched by deposits of marl.

Among' the earlier churches the principal is Sant' Andrea, enriched with' sculpture, and probably designed by Gruamons and his brother Adeodatus in 1136; in the nave is Giovanni Pisano's magnificent pulpit, imitated from his father's pulpit at Pisa.