Sentence Examples with the word enough

As for the influence he exercised on posterity, it is enough to say that Luca Pacioli, about 1500, in his celebrated Summa, leans so exclusively to Leonardo's works (at that time known in manuscript only) that he frankly acknowledges his dependence on them, and states that wherever no other author is quoted all belongs to Leonardus Pisanus.

Howie remained obsessed that he'd failed to nail the culprit and when he heard of this later case, he begged Quinn to take enough time away from his wife and new daughter for a single session.

He would be angry enough with Dulce if he knew she spiked his drink; but if he realized who she had actually intended the spiked drink for, he would be livid.

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To charge a lot of them as a whole in a heating furnace, bring them as a whole to rolling temperature, and then withdraw them as a whole for rolling, is very wasteful of heat, because it is only in the first part of the heating that the outside of the ingots is cool enough to abstract thoroughly the heat from the flame.

Her head cleared enough for her to see she'd hit one of his arms, which was drenched with blood.

In my house we were so near that we could not begin to hear--we could not speak low enough to be heard; as when you throw two stones into calm water so near that they break each other's undulations.

She had enough for the entire family.

He had done enough for her, especially considering the fact that her carelessness had put him in mortal danger.

Memon's numbers were not what she expected, but they were enough to sever most of the main roads from the interior to the coast and Tiyan.

She ran her hands over his chest and leaned forward, nipping him hard enough to draw blood.