Sentence Examples with the word ennoble

All vitality had been sapped from the old order of nobles, reduced in prestige by the savonnette a vilains (office purchased to ennoble the holder), enervated by court life, and so robbed of its roots in the soil, from which it had once drawn its strength, that it could no longer live save as a ruinous parasite on the central monarchy.

He was not an original thinker, but a diligent student, distinguished by great learning, by a turn for historical and philological criticism, and by an earnest purpose to uproot false teaching - especially Christianity, to ennoble men and train them to goodness.

This does not ennoble the machine; it dehumanizes the person.

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Had always the well-being of the Church primarily in view; and the highest goal of his pontificate, which inaugurated 'the Maecenatian era of the popedom, was to ennoble that Church by the works of intellect and art.

The gain consisted in the rousing of the Jewish consciousness to more virile efforts towards a double end, to succour the persecuted and ennoble the ideals of the emancipated.