Sentence Examples with the word ennead

In later times the theory of Ennead became very popular and was adopted by most of local priesthoods, who substituted their own favorite god Re, sometimes retaining and sometimes changing the names he other eight deities.

He was followed on the throne by the other eight members of his Ennead, then by the lesser Ennead and by other gods, and finally by the so-called worshippers of Horus.

These gods were together known as the great Ennead or cycle of A second series of nine deities, with Horus as its first iber, was invented at the same time or not long afterwards, was called the Lesser Ennead.

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He insists throughout on the unity and the indivisibility of God, whereas Plotinus and Porphyry had admitted not only a Trinity, but even an Ennead (nine-fold personality).