Sentence Examples with the word enmity

Opposition to social abuses and enmity towards religious innovations are regarded as the factors which led to the overthrow of Omri's dynasty by Jehu, and when Israel seemed to be at the height of its glory under Jeroboam II.

Of France, and both there and in England his talents and diplomatic experience, as well as his well-grounded enmity to Philip, secured him much popularity.

The result was the renewed enmity of the Greek empire, while the French adventurers who won the prize ruined the prospects of the Franks by their conduct.

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His old enmity takes up for the house of Lancaster was completely swallowed the cause up in his new grudge against the king that he had made.

He was, however, murdered in Pondoland by a chief who was at enmity with the Zulus.

Nevertheless, disdaining to recognize the enmity of a mere monk, he tried, but in vain, conciliatory measures.

Though slightly estranged from Sparta after the peace of Nicias, they never abated their enmity against their neighbours.

The Ayyubites had always been, on the whole, chivalrous and tolerant: Saladin and his successors, Malik-al-Adil and Malik-alKamil, had none of them shown an implacable enmity to the Christians.

It is at least possible that common enmity to Mitanni led to a treaty with Assyria (under Ashur-nadin-akhe).

The old enmity between the cities and the princes blazed out afresh; grievances of every kind were brought forward and many struggles were the result.