Sentence Examples with the word enlisting

The expense of enlisting io,000 Swiss was to be borne equally by pope and emperor.

Instead of enlisting them as friends, the Prussian government contrived by wild and wanton persecution to make them its enemies.

Seeing that the situation in Buganda was impossible unless they had a strong central force, which the company could not provide, Lugard and Williams had formed the idea of enlisting the Sudanese who had been left by Emin and Stanley at the south end of the Albert Lake.

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Although ostensibly to congratulate the king upon his recovery from a sickness, it was really sent in the hope of enlisting his support, and the excessive courtesy and complaisance with which it was received suggest that it found a ready ally in Judah (2 Kings xx.

From 1577 onwards, Venice endeavoured to crush the pirates without offending Austria, enlisting Albanians in place of their Dalmatian crews, who feared reprisals at home.

The latter, enlisting a body of Jews, punished his capital with fire and sword.

But now George discomfited all his enemies by suddenly excluding his own son from the throne in favour of Ladislaus, the eldest son of Casimir IV., thus skilfully enlisting Poland on his side.

It now suited his policy to suppress the brigands, which he did by enlisting most of them under his own banner.

It was thus established that pay, the love of enterprise and the prospect of plunder - if we leave zeal for the sacred cause which they had espoused for the moment out of sight - were quite as useful for the purpose of enlisting troops and keeping them together as the tenure of land and the solemnities of homage and fealty.

Since that epoch there has been comparative peace between the Druses and the government, largely because the latter, having learned wisdom, leaves the people very much to itself, maintaining only a small garrison of regular troops, and enlisting Druse police for service in Jebel Druz itself.