Sentence Examples with the word enlightened

Less fortunate than his great exemplar, Charlemagne, Stephen had to depend entirely upon foreigners - men like the Saxon Asztrik 1 (c. 976-1010), the first Hungarian primate; the Lombard St Gellert (c. 977-1046); the Bosomanns, a German family, better known under the Magyarized form of their name Pazmany, and many others who came to Hungary in the suite of his enlightened consort Gisela of Bavaria.

Doing excellent things continually through all the 'seventies, when he was in late middle age - gaining scope in colour, having now so many notes - faithful no longer wholly to his amazing range of subtle greys, now blithe and silvery, now nobly deep - sending to the Salon great canvases, and to the few enlightened people who would buy them of him the toile or panel of most moderate size on which he best of all expressed himself - Boudin was yet not acceptable to the public or to the fashionable dealer.

With Maria Theresa (1740-1780) began the age of enlightened despotism.

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In the opinion of enlightened men this will mitigate the censures that must be passed on him for his laxity in matters financial.

It contains a vindication of the study of Greek, and of the desirability of printing the text of the Greek Testament - views which at that date required an enlightened understanding to enter into, and which were condemned by the party to which More afterwards attached himself.

Ivan regarded these events as a punishment from Heaven for the neglect of his duties, and he began to attend to public affairs under the influence of an enlightened priest called Sylvester and an official of humble origin called Adashev.

If ecclesiastical authority fostered what was commonly regarded as intolerant obscurantism, to be enlightened meant to be prepared in spirit for that reform which soon developed into the Revolution.

Though ruling in the spirit of an enlightened despotism rather than in that of a constitutional government, Seor Maura had succeeded in doing a notable work for Spain.

After their dispersion the Jews were constrained to have recourse to the astronomical rules and cycles of the more enlightened heathen, in order that their religious festivals might be observed on the same days in all the countries through which they were scattered.

But Livingstone, who was not only a missionary but also an enlightened traveller, stated that a considerable amount of benefit had been conferred upon the native races by missionary teaching.