Sentence Examples with the word enjoyable

But by far the most original and enjoyable lyrical genius of the later period is that of Gustaf Froding (b.

Iogel's were the most enjoyable balls in Moscow.

The most enjoyable part of the meal was Cynthia Byrne.

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Her health remained good, and her visit to Cimiez in the spring of 1898 was as enjoyable and as beneficial as before.

It was Dean's second meal with Cynthia Byrne and in spite of the gut-wrenching happenings earlier in the day, no less enjoyable than the first.

That goal was no closer now, but every second of her life was enjoyable now.

Put simply, The Prisoner's Dilemma is the most enjoyable piece of prisoner fiction this reviewer has ever read.

Neither had mentioned, or even thought about Edith Shipton for the entire enjoyable afternoon.

To the man who cares for hunting, as distinct from riding, September and October are not the least enjoyable months of the whole hunting season.

Whether he was pretending or not, his casual compliments and positive attitude were making her vacation days more enjoyable than any of the last 360 days of her life.