Sentence Examples with the word enigmatic

These enigmatic speeches were all that the multitudes got, but the disciples in private were taught their lesson of hope.

She was pale but breathing steadily, her enigmatic eyes closed.

This enigmatic personage appeared in Islay, and rather had his pretences thrust on him than assumed them; he was half-witted.

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Her skin was golden from the sun, which brought out the enigmatic eyes, and made them glow with the otherworldly beauty displayed by her and the one called Evelyn.

When the idea, itself indefinite, gets no further than a struggle and endeavour for its appropriate expression, we have the symbolic, which is the Oriental, form of art, which seeks to compensate its imperfect expression by colossal and enigmatic structures.

The enigmatic Tim's request for a favor was readily granted after three generations of both their families working together towards the PMF's goals of national unity.

Belongs, as Budde has demonstrated, to the older stratum of the narrative (called J) which ' According to Plato (Timaeus, p. 72) the name irpocil17rns ought properly to be confined to the interpreters employed to put an intelligible sense on the dreams, visions, or enigmatic utterances of the frenzied A avris.

Amos still has frequent visions cf a more or less enigmatic character, as Micaiah had, but there is little trace of this in the great prophets after him.

He'd never met the enigmatic deity, but he'd heard past-Death go off about this man after every interaction.

Kiera stopped in the hallway, considering where the enigmatic dhjan might have gone.