Sentence Examples with the word engraved

In the best telescopes, whether for theodolite or level, the diaphragm on which the image is formed is made of glass, and the cross hairs are engraved thereon.

When the powder had become thoroughly liquid, so as to fill all the lines, the plate was allowed to cool, and the whole surface was scraped, so as to remove the superfluous niello, leaving only what had sunk into and filled up the engraved pattern.

Where any epitaph was set up - an immense number are destitute of any inscription at all - it is always painted or engraved on these slabs or tiles.

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This consisted of bronze swords and vases, gold jewellery with agate and other gems, bracelets, collars, a seal cylinder and two engraved gold rings, one of which, the largest known, bears a religious scene.

Especially noteworthy are numbers of engraved gems in Graeco-Persian (no doubt Lydian) style.

In many of the islands signs are engraved on rocks.

In these catacombs we find numerous sarcophagi and inscriptions painted or engraved of the Roman and Byzantine periods (Comptes rendus de l'Acad.

In archaeology it is used for the engraved and ornamented handle of a vase, which has often survived when the vase itself, being less durable, has disappeared.

Coins may be made by casting in moulds or by striking between engraved dies.

It took him most of his life to do this, and the value was engraved on his tombstone.