Sentence Examples with the word engorged

The lungs are engorged and oedematous, and often show haemorrhages.

A bubo is found to consist of a chain of enlarged glands, surrounded by a mass of engorged connective tissue, coagulated blood and serum.

They seize hold of the first that brushes by, and crawling to a suitable place become engorged with blood.

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The surrounding tissue is not engorged or oedematous.

A surgical operation is sometimes undertaken with success for enabling the engorged veins to empty themselves into the blood-stream in a manner so as to avoid the liver-route.

This is an increased exudation of fluid from the engorged blood vessels which not only dilutes the toxins, but is supposed to contain substances which in some way act on these living micro-organisms and render them a more easy prey to the polymorpho-nuclear leucocytes (fig.