Sentence Examples with the word engaged

In addition about 500 smaller vessels engaged in the coasting trade enter and clear from Boma and Banana every year.

The inhabitants are chiefly engaged in commerce and fishing; but the frequent losses from inundations have greatly retarded the prosperity of the town.

We're not even engaged yet, so if he wants to talk to Lori, I'll have to live with it.

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On the collapse of the revolutionary government he was arrested (1850), but managed to escape to France, where he engaged in commerce and banking, became naturalized, and acquired a large fortune.

The eighth eclogue of Virgil was addressed to Pollio while engaged in this campaign.

This has a slotted end, engaged by a pin P fixed to the framing, and it will be seen that its action is to slacken the band if the load tends to rise and to tighten it in the contrary case.

Nelson, misled by false information, ranged the West Indies as far south as the Gulf of Paria, in search of his opponent whom he supposed to be engaged in attacks on British possessions.

On the ground this bird runs nimbly, and is nearly always engaged in searching for its food, which is wholly animal.

Even in the rural districts, manorial records reveal the existence of a great variety of classes and groups of persons engaged in the performance of economic functions.

All streams, from the tiniest rill to the greatest river, are continually engaged in transporting downstream solid particles of rock, the product of weathering agencies in the area which they drain.