Sentence Examples with the word enforcer

Sigismund, on his part, tried to enforcer peace upon the country by forming leagues of the cities, but to no purpose; in fact all his plans for reform came to nothing.

Despite Rhyn's fury and occasional diversion from the Immortal Codes, he still believed in them, a weakness Sasha was trying to beat out of him since their eldest brother --the peacemaker and enforcer of the Council That Was Seven --sentenced them both to Hell.

This great prelate was an ecclesiastical reformera leader in a movement for the general purification of morals, and especially for the repressing of simony and evil-living among the clergy a great builder of churches, and a stringent enforcer of the rules of the monastic life.

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Though a ritualist and a rigorous enforcer of outward conformity, he was uncompromisingly hostile to Roman Catholicism, and most of his writings illustrate this antagonism.

He withdrew a dagger he.d purposely buried there, never intending to follow in the footsteps of Andre.s enforcer role.

It was the symbol of the enforcer of the Council That Was Seven, the only of the seven brothers sanctioned to kill in cold blood on behalf of the Council and Immortals.

He.d sacrifice himself to the balance of good and evil by taking on the enforcer role Andre.s death had left open.