Sentence Examples with the word enfantin

Socialism was a more lasting phase, but her natural good sense revolted at the extravagant mummeries of Pere Enfantin and she declined the office of high priestess.

New converts joined them, and Enfantin assumed that his followers in France numbered 40,000.

In November of the same year, when Enfantin preached the enfranchisement of women and the functions of the couple-pretre, Leroux separated himself from the sect.

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Father Enfantin held fast by his ideal to the end, but he had renounced the hope of giving it a local habitation and a name in the degenerate obstinate world.

After the Revolution of 1830 Enfantin resigned his office of cashier, and devoted himself wholly to his cause.

BARTHELEMY PROSPER ENFANTIN (1796-1864), French social reformer, one of the founders of Saint-Simonism, was born at Paris on the 8th of February 1796.

Bazard had devoted himself to political reform, Enfantin to social and moral change; Bazard was organizer and governor, Enfantin was teacher and consoler; the former attracted reverence, the latter love.

Meanwhile believers in Enfantin and his new religion were multiplying in all parts of Europe.

His opposition to the emancipation of women brought about a quarrel with Enfantin in 1831, and Bazard found himself almost deserted by the members of the society.