Sentence Examples with the word energetic

In Paris, in 1779, the Cour des Aides demanded their suppression, and in March 1788 the parlement of Paris made some exceedingly energetic remonstrances, which are important for the light they throw upon old French public law.

It combines directly with many elements and compounds and frequently acts as energetic oxidizing agent.

It was his resolute and energetic leading that contributed mainly to the victory of Spicheren (6th August), and won the only laurels gained on the Prussian right wing at Gravelotte (18th August).

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The centre of Lefebvre's followers was Meaux, and they found an ardent adherent in Margaret of Angouleme, the king's sister, but had no energetic leader who was willing to face the danger of disturbances.

Turkish Corps under the energetic Djavid.5 The battle of Monastir, which was finally launched on the whole front on the 18th, will long be studied for its tactical incidents, but as an ensemble it is sufficiently described by saying that the resistance of the half division of Morava II.

A new friend of his, Fialin, formerly a non-commissioned officer and a journalist, an energetic and astute man and a born conspirator, spurred him on to action.

Pelageya Danilovna Melyukova, a broadly built, energetic woman wearing spectacles, sat in the drawing room in a loose dress, surrounded by her daughters whom she was trying to keep from feeling dull.

After some years of wandering he gave up his more energetic propaganda, contenting himself with advising those who sought him out.

The former slackness which had shown itself even in his eyes was now replaced by an energetic readiness for action and resistance.

It still remains a monument of fertile invention, exuberant facility and energetic handling of material.