Sentence Examples with the word endow

He died on the 16th of June 1752, leaving a sum of 600,000 ducats to endow the seminary he had founded, and the residue of the immense wealth he had acquired in Spain to his nephew.

But He Knew Human Nature, And Knew It Intimately In All Its Phases; He Could Construct A Character And Endow It With Life; His People Talk Naturally And To The Point; And Many Of His Descriptive Passages Are Admirable.

The growing tendency of the clergy to look upon their endow 1 Hefele, Beitrage zur Kirchengesch.

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Clinch and Hilton were executors, and it was understood that Hilton should complete the cathedral at Garden City and endow schools there.

He made a strenuous effort to found a university in Dublin, and proposed to endow it with the revenues of St Patrick's, reasonably arguing that one cathedral was enough for any city.

Supreme apostolic authority, he lays down that a certain doctrine concerning faith or morals is binding, upon the universal Church, - possesses, by the Divine assistance which was promised to him in the person of the blessed Saint Peter, that same infallibility with which the Divine Redeemer thought fit to endow His Church, to define its doctrine with regard to faith and morals; and, consequently, that these definitions of the Roman Pontiff are irreformable in themselves, and not in consequence.

But they have not of themselves such value, that to endow an ape with the hand and vocal organs of a man would be likely to raise it through any large part of the interval that now separates it from humanity.

Without the nations concurrence the kings creatures were now to endow royalty with all the organs necessary for the exertion of authority; by which imprudent compliance, and above all thanks to Jacques Cceur (q.v.), the financial independence of the provinces disappeared little by little, and all the public revenues were left at the discretion of the king alone (1436-1440).

He raised Lio,000 to endow a missionary chair at New College, Edinburgh, and himself became first professor.

Young was a liberal supporter of David Livingstone, and also gave Io,50o to endow a chair of technical chemistry at Anderson's College.