Sentence Examples with the word endlessly

In order to farm these, the Church and the rich landowners granted back the holdings on the temporary and conditional terms of tenancy-at-will or of the beneficium, thus multiplying endlessly the land subject to their overlordship and the men who were dependent upon them as tenants.

The two young women chatted endlessly about the latest fashion in Paris and the boys who were attracted to them.

The existing species of things having thus been transferred, with all their specialities, to the prehistoric stage, they were multiplied endlessly in number, by reducing their size through continued subdivision; at the same time each one thing is so indissolubly connected with every other that the keenest analysis can never completely sever them.

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At first sight this abstract question seemed endlessly remote from the practical policy of Escobar; really there is a close connexion between the two.

For this reason their interest in ethical speculations was all the keener; their great thinkers were endlessly engaged in settling what the relation ought to be between duty and self-interest.

Atoms swerved as they fell endlessly downwards, and thus introduced an indeterminate or irrational element into the processes of the world.

Sarah talked endlessly about her flower garden, the weather and anything else that came to her mind.

We don't find ourselves endlessly returning to their work again and again.

I am also endlessly curious, which helps in any job, and I love words.