Sentence Examples with the word endless

By way of expiation for their crime the Danaides were condemned to the endless task of filling with water a vessel which had no bottom.

In rotary printing from the curved stereotype plate and from the endless web of paper much can be done to assist the printer if good stereotype plates are supplied to him, and, if the forme contains any illustrations, both the artist and the engraver can help him if they keep in mind the particular character of illustration which they are preparing for the press.

Thus Qat, Quahteaht, Pundjel, Maui, Ioskeha, Cagn, Wainamoinen and an endless array of others represent the ideal and heroic first teachers of Melanesians, Ahts, Australians, Maoris, Algonkins, Bushmen and Finns.

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This last is geared to the shaft of the armature by an endless screw, and the number of revolutions of the armature is reckoned by the counting-dials, which are ' See Electrician, 41, 112, and Journ.

Ideas of symmetry, so different from ours, from a close study of nature and her processes in the attainment of endless variety.

Middleton, with Archbishop Sharp, misgoverned the country, established a high court of commission, exiled the fiercest preachers to Holland, whence they worked endless mischief by agitation and a war of pamphlets; irritated the Covenanting shires, Fife and the south-west, by quartering troops on them to exact fines for Nonconformity, and so caused, during a war with Holland, the Pentland Rising (November 1666).

I saw the opening maw of hell, With endless pains and sorrows there; Which none but they that feel can tell-- Oh, I was plunging to despair.

A step higher than these is the rude water-wheel, with earthen pots on an endless chain running round it, worked by one or two bullocks.

Prayers and other formulas have been copied down by Sahagun and other chroniclers, of endless prolixity, but not without occasional touches of pathos.

As the result of endless discussions between the representatives of the powers, the Porte and the pasha, the convention of Kutaya was signed on the i4th of May 1833, by which the sultan agreed to bestow on Mehemet All the pashaliks of Syria, Damascus, Aleppo and Itcheli, together with the district of Adana.