Sentence Examples with the word ending

Venus, like other names ending in us, ought to have genitive Veni, but, as this might be taken for a verb, it has Veneris.

The long connective of the single stamen is hinged to the short filament and has a shorter arm ending in a blunt process and a longer arm bearing a half-anther.

In Geryonia, centripetal canals, ending blindly, arise from the ring-canal and run in a radial direction towards the centre of the umbrella (fig.

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Dazzled by his victories in the East the public forgot that the Egyptian expedition was ending in calamity.

Their live performances easily matching their name, often ending in complete anarchy - not a place for the faint hearted.

It is evident that the Socratic search for the essence by an analysis of instances - an induction ending in a definition - has a strong resemblance to the Baconian inductive method.

The imperative shows no ending in the singular; in the plural It has y.

From all parts of the pyriform sac narrow stalk-like tubes are given off, ending in abundant widely-spread branching glandular caeca, which form the essential renal secreting apparatus.

It consists mainly of one very large and strong toe, corresponding to the fourth of the human foot, ending in a strong curved and pointed claw (fig.

It flows first to the north, then to the north-west, passing out of the Yukon territory into Alaska, and then south-west, ending in Bering Sea, the northward projection of the Pacific, 2000 m.