Sentence Examples with the word ended

Before Dean could comment, the conversation ended as a commotion upstairs called for his attention.

It had crossed his mind that Josh intentionally ended his life.

His trial for high treason lasted for six days (17th to 22nd of November) and ended in his acquittal, the jury only taking eight minutes to settle their verdict.

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Of Lerwick, from which it is separated by the Sound of Bressay, in which Haakon V., king of Norway, anchored his galleys on the expedition that ended so disastrously for him at Largs (1263).

The man in her dreams often started out as Josh, but always ended up being Alex.

But after a series of stubbornly contested engagements, the Austrian general, Philippovic, entered Serajevo on the 19th of August, and ended the campaign on the 10th of September, by the capture of Bihac in the north-west, and of Klobuk in Herzegovina.

They ended up in the living room, watching a baseball game in which neither had a lick of interest.

This last occurrence ended his title of second consul; it was replaced by that of arch-chancellor of the Empire.

Laptyev, started from the Lena in 1739, but encountered masses of drift ice in Chatanga bay, and with this ended the voyages to the westward of the Lena.

With the memories of a better time drifting through his mind were memories of a war brewing between Others and Watchers that ultimately ended in the Schism, the severing of the mortal and immortal worlds.