Sentence Examples with the word encyclopaedic

Petrovskiy, Old Arabian Journals of Travel (Tashkent, 1894); Russian Encyclopaedic Dictionary, vol.

He had, in fact, every quality necessary for an encyclopaedic writer, or even for a literary and professional autocrat.

Le Portugal (Paris, 1899), by 18 writers, is a brief but encyclopaedic description of continental Portugal.

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Seriously to examine an encyclopaedic system, that touches life, society Washington University) from 1825 to 1827, professor of Greek, Latin and German at Waterville College (now Colby College) from 1827 to 1833, professor of biblical literature and criticism in Hamilton (New York) Theological Institute from 1835 to 1851, and professor of Hebrew and of Biblical exegesis in Rochester Theological Seminary from 1851 to 1857.

Of Pliny, another encyclopaedic writer, a few words must be said, though he was not a physician.

An encyclopaedic account, however, should rest rather on an exterior definition which can serve as it were to pigeon-hole the whole mass of significant facts.

Joseph Frank (1774-1841), a German professor at Pavia, afterwards of Vienna, the author of an encyclopaedic work on medicine now forgotten, embraced the Brunonian system, though he afterwards introduced some modifications, and transplanted it to Vienna.

The first part of an encyclopaedic work probably remains to us in the Compendium Studii Philosophiae (1271).

Skinner in the elaborate and encyclopaedic International Critical Series.

As in the case of Galen, the formal and encyclopaedic character of Avicenna's works was the chief cause of his popularity and ascendancy, though in modern times these very qualities in a scientific or medical writer would rather cause him to become more speedily antiquated.